At Tarantella...

We have a real Italian passion for food and take personal pride in bringing you the very best tasting produce.

Tarantella tomatoes are raised by Mother Nature with help from the rich Italian soil and hot Mediterranean sun. Harvested when they are ripe and juicy, it’s why Tarantella canned tomatoes, tomato paste and passata taste so delicious.

Tarantella tomatoes are known for their rich, thick tomato juice, providing a great base for inspired Italian cooking. As an added bonus, Tarantella is also organic!!

Recipe of the month

Spaghetti Bolognese



Four Ways with... Tarantella's Organic Plum Tomatoes

From Creamed Corn Black Bean Enchiladas, to a hearty Tuscan Bean and Tomato Soup, and not forgetting our tasty and zingy homemade salsa dip, these dishes make the most of our tomatoes’ plump and succulent consistency.


Winter Warmers from Tarantella

From classic Chilli Con Carne to a hearty Tuscan Bean Soup, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite quick and easy winter warmers.