What does Tarantella mean?

As well as being a range of tasty organic tomato products, the Tarantella is also a lively folk dance popular in Southern Italy. Each region has its own variation on the dance, but it’s always upbeat and often with the dancers accompanying the music with tambourines.

Why is Tarantella organic?

We believe that Mother Nature is fantastic, and that growing food the organic way allows her to work her magic in the best way possible. Organic farming helps protect and encourage wildlife whilst looking after the health of the soil. Instead of relying on chemicals, organic farmers work with nature to feed the soil and control pests. Organic farming uses mainly natural methods, developing a good soil and healthy crops which have stronger natural resistance to pests and diseases. Encouraging natural predators means avoiding the need for almost all pesticides. Organic farming releases less greenhouse gases and can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Our products are certified by the Soil Association; www.soilassociation.org. To find out more about organic, please go to www.organicukfood.com

Where can I buy Tarantella products?

Please see our where to buy pages for more information on stockists.