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What you'll need

Olive oil for drizzling
2 slices sourdough bread
1 small tomato, sliced
50g grated mozzarella
1½ tsp Tarantella Liquid Basil
1 tsp Tarantella Liquid Garlic
5 pitted black olives, sliced

How to make it

  1. Drizzle a little oil over 1 side of each of the bread slices. Turn 1 slice oil side down and top with the tomatoes.
  2. In a small bowl, mix together the mozzarella, basil, garlic and olives and sprinkle over the tomatoes. top with the remaining bread slice, oil side up.
  3. Heat a frying pan on a low heat, add the sandwich and fry, covered for 4-5 minutes each side until golden and the cheese has melted.


Cooks tip

Don’t have the bread too thick as the cheese won’t melt properly.

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