Introducing our new Single Serve Double Concentrate Tomato Puree

We’re excited to launch our new organic tomato puree as a single serve option, making organic more convenient than ever! Our recyclable BPA free tins mean you can use tomato puree without the worry of the packaging ending up in land fill, which is not always the case with tubes.

From Italy and named after the famous Italian dance; the Tarantella, our tomatoes are raised by mother nature with help from the rich Italian soil and hot Mediterranean sun. Harvested when they are ripe and juicy, it’s why Tarantella tomato products taste so delicious.

It takes nearly 400g of organic tomatoes to make each tiny tin of our puree – it’s the double concentrate that gives the puree the rich taste that will make a great base for tasty dishes such as this Tuna Tomato Melt, a variety of pasta sauces and this lovely Bean Casserole. Yummy!

Better still, the tomatoes are grown using no pesticides and are GM free. No additives or fertilisers are used to grow them, protecting the environment and ensuring lots of lovely organic tomatoes can be grown for years to come.

You can find our puree in Asda. We’d love to see what tasty dishes you make with them. Send your best recipes by email, with a photo to and we’ll post the best ones on our Facebook page (@TarantellaUK).