Organic September – are you having as much fun as us? ;-)

Here at Tarantella HQ, we’re loving Organic September. It’s the time of the year when everybody; consumers, independent health food retailers and brands all come together to celebrate organic. For us it’s (almost) more exciting than Christmas!

We’ve already met lots of you this month at the first Go! Organic Festival, where we sampled a delicious gazpacho soup for everybody to try. Made with our organic chopped tomatoes, this cold soup was well loved on a surprisingly hot September weekend.

There was also time for visitors to grab a selfie on the Tarantella Scooter pop-up and take a free tin of our new Organic Tomato Puree to try. Our new single serve option makes organic more convenient than ever. It takes nearly 400g of organic tomatoes to make our double concentrate puree. With its strong flavour it’s perfect for making pizza, pasta, soups and this Tuna Tomato Melt. Look out for these in your local Asda.

Organic September Saturday

We enjoyed sampling lots of organic foods during Organic September Saturday. Run by independent health stores across the country, there was plenty to try… we tried to leave enough for everybody else ?. We tried…

There’s More To Come…

The great news is, it’s not over yet… there’s still lots more to come! Look out for promotions, recipe shares and organic giveaways in health food shops.

Show us what you’re enjoying this Organic September by posting on your Facebook page and tagging @tarantellauk We’d love to see what you’ve been getting up to ?

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