Three Summery Ways to Use Our Organic Plum Tomatoes

Plum tomatoes are a great ingredient to add to your favourite recipes all-year round. Plump and succulent, they add depth and texture to your dishes, as well as being incredibly tasty and versatile.

Your choice of plum tomato can make a difference too! Not only does organic food, like our plum tomatoes, taste delicious, but it also helps to care for the planet. This is because organic farming doesn’t use any synthetic or petroleum-based pesticides or fertilisers, which helps to protect our wildlife and combat climate change.

If you’re searching for inspirational ways on how to use your plum tomatoes this summer, then look no further…

It’s Hotting Up…

Organic plum tomatoes aren’t just for your warming winter recipes. They can also be used to make summery dishes too, like this delicious homemade salsa dip. We’ve added half a jalapeno to ours to give it a little fiery kick!

Get Saucy

Our organic plum tomatoes make the tastiest sauces and are a really easy way to upgrade a midweek pasta dish. You can either keep the tomatoes whole or use the back of the spoon to gently crush them into the sauce.

There’s Something about a Bloody Mary

Out of fresh tomatoes? Plum tomatoes in a tin work just as well! Whether it’s for brunch, a lazy day in the garden (or perhaps for a slightly sore head the morning after the night before), you can whip up this simple cocktail with the help of this store cupboard ingredient.


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