The Tomato – The World’s Favourite Fruit

At Tarantella, we love tomatoes – especially if they’re organic and nurtured in the Italian countryside. The tomato is loved the world over, with the BBC identifying it as the world’s favourite fruit.

We’re on a mission to get more and more people eating tomatoes. Here are four reasons we think tomatoes are great:

  • They’re good for your health. Containing lycopene, studies have suggested this helps to prevent prostate, lung and stomach cancers. What’s more, once a tomato has been heated, it is said to contain more lycopene*.
  • Tomatoes contribute to your five portions of fruit and veg a day. Eating five portions helps to reduce your risk of heart disease and strokes**.
  • Versatile, they can be used for a range of meals from pasta sauces, to pizzas and chillies. Our recipes provide some new and traditional ideas for you to try at home.
  • You can use them as an excuse for a holiday; The La Tomatina tomato fight in Buñol near Valencia happens every year on the last Wednesday in August.

So, there you have it, some obvious and not so obvious reasons we think tomatoes are great. After all, there must be a reason they’re the world’s favourite fruit!