About Tarantella

At Tarantella we have a real Italian passion for food and take personal pride in bringing you the very best tasting tomatoes. Tarantella tomatoes are raised by Mother Nature with help from the rich Italian soil and hot Mediterranean sun; harvested when they are ripe and juicy, it’s why Tarantella tomatoes taste so delicious! The Tarantella range is recognised for their rich, thick, tomato juice; proving a great base for inspired Italian cooking. Sourced from the Salerno region in the heart of Italy, Tarantella products are organically produced with no additives, fertilisers or pesticides and GM Free.


Post Second World War, our Plum Tomatoes were favoured by Miners in the Midlands. They would drink the premium thick juice before eating the tomatoes. This kept them hydrated and coated the backs of their throats stopping them getting dry and dusty gullets. A true testament to Tarantella’s high quality!